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Prisoner “Putrid | Obsolete”

  • In the six years since Richmond VA quintet Prisoner released their first LP, "Beyond The Infinite", the entire world fell apart. Already somewhat apocalypse-curious, the band decided to ride the current wave of doom as far as it would take them, adding synth player Adam Lake in order to bring a greater emphasis on noise, samples, and electronic sound textures. The result is their new full-length, "Putrid | Obsolete", which layers the nightmarish crust/hardcore and blackened metal of their earlier material in a thick coating of harsh industrial noise and gloom.

    Floating amid a polluted sea of atonal samples and ominous synth soundwaves, crunching guitars lay down brutal 100mph riffs over a powerful rhythm section crunch, even as multiple demonic voices unleash anguished roars. With apologies to TS Eliot, this is the real way the world ends: amid an unrelenting wave of industrial metal/punk brutality.

    "Putrid | Obsolete" was produced, recorded and mixed by Ricky Olson at the Ward (Enforced, .GIF From God) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

    Track Listing:
    01. Flesh Dirge
    02. Pool Of Disgust
    03. The Horde
    04. Shroud
    05. Leaden Tomb
    06. Pathogenesis
    07. Entity
    08. Nanodeath