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Respire "Dénouement + Memorial"

  • Six years after its original release comes a deluxe reissue of "Dénouement", the second album from Toronto, Ontario collective, Respire. An “exquisite, inspiring flood of emotion and mesmerizing music,” Respire crafts their own explosive and uplifting brand of orchestral post-hardcore, drawing from a well of black metal, screamo, and post-rock influences. As powerful today as it was upon its original release, "Dénouement" is a sprawling reflection on trauma, addiction, and guilt. A document of the beating heart and its journey for redemption.

    Packaged as a 2xLP, this reissue includes the companion album "Memorial", an entirely instrumental, orchestral version of the eight songs from "Dénouement", available for the first time on vinyl. Equally chilling and triumphant, layers of strings, horns, and piano make up the compositions of "Memorial", which was newly remastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid).

    Comes packaged in a gatefold jacket with insert and colored vinyl.

    Track Listing:
    01. Bound
    02. Haunt
    03. Shiver
    04. Bloom
    05. Catacombs
    06. Virtue
    07. A Heart Still Pines
    08. Dénouement
    09. Bound (instrumental)
    10. Haunt (instrumental)
    11. Shiver (instrumental)
    12. Bloom (instrumental)
    13. Catacombs (instrumental)
    14. Virtue (instrumental)
    15. A Heart Still Pines (instrumental)
    16. Dénouement (instrumental)