Massa Nera & Quiet Fear "Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles" - Deathwish Inc

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Massa Nera & Quiet Fear "Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles"

  • Comes packaged in a full color jacket with poster insert and limited colored vinyl. Includes download card.

    America can be a cold and callous place. As vast as it is cruel, the modern living experience is often defined by isolation. Pushing back against the doldrums and reaching for community, Massa Nera and Quiet Fear release the collaborative album, “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles.”

    New Jersey’s Massa Nera and Los Angeles’ Quiet Fear draw from their lived experiences to push the borders of introspective, impassioned hardcore and screamo. Together, the bands create a unique sonic world for “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles” in which the listener can become fully immersed.

    Meant as a cohesive piece of art, Massa Nera and Quiet Fear worked to highlight rhythm and other non-traditional elements of hardcore without forgoing aggression. The bands take 90s-inspired screamo as their foundation and update the style for a modern audience, weaving elements of post rock, mathcore, and even Latin rhythms into their sound.

    Balancing vulnerability and fragility with moments of extreme emotional catharsis, the bands play with genres and dynamics to add weight and push the genre forward. Massa Nera and Quiet Fear effortlessly tie together the metallic chaos of Converge, Envy’s most triumphant moments, and the emotional intensity of Pg.99, while creating something new and refreshing of their own.

    Track Listing:
    01. Bloated - Massa Nera
    02. Entre Las Manos Y El Colmillo - Quiet Fear
    03. Division - Massa Nera
    04. N.U.M. - Quiet Fear
    05. I Point to the River - Massa Nera
    06. Presidio - Quiet Fear
    07. Nueva Llama - Quiet Fear & Massa Nera (collaboration)