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Turning Point "It's Always Darkest...Before The Dawn"


From the very beginning, TURNING POINT was unique and not what you’d expect from a hardcore band. They expanded on the sounds of bands like YOUTH OF TODAY and CHAIN OF STRENGTH, and brought in more melody while taking inspiration from 7 SECONDS to push more emotion in their lyrics. Their impact was immediate.

Originally released in 1990 on hardcore powerhouse NEW AGE RECORDS, It’s Always Darkest... Before The Dawn, would be TURNING POINT’s only full-length. While the band only existed for a very short time, over 30 years later, its influence is still being felt.

REVELATION RECORDS is proud to bring back It’s Always Darkest... in its original, stand-alone form as the third installment of reissuing the band’s out-of-print catalog.

Track Listing:
01. Before The Dawn
02. Running In Place
03. Guidance
04. Face Up
05. Turn It Around
06. Shadow Of Lies
07. Life Goes On
08. Prophecy
09. Descent
10. Growing Stronger
11. Get It Back
12. Feeding The Fire