All Under Heaven “Don't Suffer Alone / Alley Cat” - Deathwish Inc

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All Under Heaven “Don't Suffer Alone / Alley Cat”


A roaring, dreamy sound is probably not the first thought that would come to mind when thinking of music out of Freehold, New Jersey, but All Under Heaven delivered just this on their 2021 EP, "Collider"—an album that was on constant rotation throughout the year for many. A year later, All Under Heaven is back with their first follow-up EP, consisting of two single tracks, "Don't Suffer Alone" and "Ally Cat".

In the winter of 2022, the band returned to Pennsylvania-based producer, Wyatt Oberholzer to record. The two pick up from where "Collider" left off, this time with more up-front production and with All Under Heaven performing at their best, fresh off of playing many shows in the northeastern area. The band still maintains their signature sound of solemn & soft vocal harmonies, with an excellent backing of dynamic drums and loud, distorted guitars. While being a concise EP, the two songs will get stuck on repeat and paint a picture of the future All Under Heaven is heading in.

Track Listing:
01. Don't Suffer Alone
02. Alley Cat