All Pigs Must Die "Nothing Violates This Nature" - Deathwish Inc

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All Pigs Must Die "Nothing Violates This Nature"

All Pigs Must Die are rapidly and viciously taking the world by storm! Amongst their ranks are veterans of the underground hardcore/metal scene: Kevin Baker (the Hope Conspiracy) is the throat and Ben Koller (Converge) is the battery. Although the band's members hail from these known modern hardcore/metal acts they turn their more crust punk/d-beat-driven aggression outward with ALL PIGS MUST DIE. All Pigs Must Die (APMD ) is a band committed to uncompromising sonic warfare. Its sound and lyrics assault the listener in a fury of blackened death filled anthems. Owing as much to the Cro-Mags and Discharge as Entombed and Celtic Frost. APMD mix powerful riffs, relentless tempos and a dark presence to bulldoze a grim path of destruction. Recorded and mixed by KURT BALLOU (Converge guitarist and master engineer for bands such as Black Breath, Nails, Trap Them, High on Fire etc..) at Godcity Studios. "Nothing Violates This Nature" the end result is 11 violence-inducing shredders steeped in utter filth. Aaron Turner (Isis) has lent his nihilistic hand, pen and mind to develop along with the band the dark iconic artwork contained within.


Track Listing:Β 
01. Chaos Arise
02. Silencer
03. Primitive Fear
04. Bloodlines
05. Of Suffering
06. Holy Plague
07. Aqim Siege
08. Sacred Nothing
09. Faith Eater
10. Articles Of Human Weakness