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Svalbard "Discography 2012 - 2014"

"Svalbard are a great example of a band who have done things The Right Way. Existing as a band for approximately 4 years before releasing their debut album, Svalbard played the slow and steady game, holding their cards relatively close to their chest. This enabled them to finely hone their craft over a number of 7”s, EPs and split releases, each time improving slightly on their songwriting and recording methodology, allowing themselves to experiment and push their sound in different directions along the way. This plan of attack enabled the band to consistently improve without the stringent spotlight, or pressure thereof, of an album. It also, rightly, seemed to keep people wanting more… "

Track Listing:
01. Ripped Apart
02. Grayscale
03. Allure
04. Open The Cages
05. This Is The End
06. Flightless Birds
07. For What It's Worth
08. Melting Hands
09. Never Look Back
10. Pick Up The Pieces
11. Leave It
12. So Much For Meritocracy
13. The Damage Done
14. Anything Goes Nothing Stays