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Calcine "Common Love Common Nausea"


Calcine is a French hardcore band from Paris. Born in 2021 during covid time, Luc and Lucas recorded a demo and later found the vocalist and the bassist, Stef and Arthur.

The finalised demo was released April 2022 and received incredible support among the French scene and beyond, allowing the band to play shows and festivals opening for Arkangel, Sunami, Worst Doubt, Rotten Sound, Scowl, and Headbussa.

Lyrically the album brings attention to topics such as social oppression, police brutality and racism, racism in the media, SGBV , animal liberation and the decaying world.

Track Listing:
01. Attack to Win
02. 23:11
03. Back to Fight
04. Autopsie
05. Target
06. Maleviolence
07. Amnesic
08. Des vies ร  bout
09. Parasite