Wallowing "Planet Loss [Reissue]" - Deathwish Inc

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Wallowing "Planet Loss [Reissue]"


To celebrate 5 years since the release of 'PLANET LOSS', WALLOWING have dived into the history books and remastered their colossal debut sci-fi concept album with long term collaborator and mastering engineer Scot Moriarty (2021 split, EARTH REAPER). Boasting an additional track and Scots natural talent of embellishing the loudest and heaviest, 'PLANET LOSS' has never sounded so harrowing and monolithic, firmly cementing this remaster as the definitive listening experience of one of the heaviest and unique metal albums of the late 2010's.

Track LIsting:
01. I. Prologue
02. II. Earthless
03. III. Phosgene
04. IV. Hail Creation
05. V. Vessel
06. VI. Epilogue