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Blanket "Ceremonia"


Building on the success of their critically acclaimed album 'Modern Escapism,' Blanket solidify their place as one of the UK’s finest with their latest album ‘Ceremonia’. 

'Ceremonia' is a testament to the band's artistic evolution, seamlessly blending elements of post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative rock. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Cave In, HUM, Swervedriver, and Ride. Blanket have managed to craft their own musical identity that is both ethereal and powerful, resonating with fans across the globe.

The band's previous release, 'Modern Escapism,' garnered widespread praise for its innovation and emotional depth. With 'Ceremonia,' Blanket continues to push their creative boundaries, exploring new sonic landscapes while staying true to their essence.

“We were trying to capture an excitable vibe in the room with the 4 of us jamming, 
in the past when writing in studios and on laptops it can all change once we're playing those tracks live, so we wanted to capture that.

We wanted to capture the music we loved as kids like britpop etc and make it heavier. 

A new method for us going into this album at Motor Museum Studios, Liverpool (Al Groves, BMTH, Elvis Costello, Ian Broudie) was to track the album song by song. This gave us the ability to really mess with tones and vibes to suit each track instead of having a record which all sounds the same. The feeling we wanted to capture is an Indie Rock band loud in a room, which I think comes across well in "Ceremonia".

Lyrically the content on Ceremonia really ranges from tracks like "Nuclear Boy Scout" which is about a kid in America that made his own nuclear reactor in his Mums back garden, to tracks like "Porcelain" and "Sea Of Bliss" which are more focussed on a feeling or emotion. To be honest I'm really proud of what I wrote for this album and lyrically it has one-upped Modern Escapism for sure. “ - Bobby Pook [Vocals/Guitar]

Track Listing:
01. Nuclear Boy Scout
02. Ceremonia
03. Porcelain
04. Kaleidoscope
05. Sea Of Bliss (reprise)
06. Loom
07. The Lucky Ones
08. A Sea Of Bliss
09. Euphoria
10. Final Call