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Armageddon Label


Avskum "Re-crucified By The System"

36 tracks from this Swedish hardcore band spanning 1982-1987. The demos, 7", comp tracks, and their unreleased Mortarhate material all on one disc. Classic political hardcore punk from the early days. Booklet with lyrics, photos, and artwork culled from the early years of Avskum.

Track Listing:
September 1985 Recordings - Unreleased 7"EP Mortarhate Records (UK)
01. There Is No Need For Crying
02. The Significance
03. Gold Digger
04. Fear
05. Cute
06. ...And The Slaughter Can Begin
07. The End

February 1984 Recordings - Released As "Crucified By The System" 7"EP 1984
08. Gl_m Aldrig Hiroshima
09. Vem Har Gett Dom R_tten
10. The Boot-Brain Song
11. Crucified By The System
12. Who Needs A Hell ?
13. Soldat Med Brutet Gev_r

November 1984 Recordings
14. ...And I Can Still Breathe
15. The Century Of Darkness
16. How Far Can They Push Us
17. Price Your Butchers...Whock !
18. Treblinka II

July 1984 Recordings
19. Which Are Your Heroes
20. Count-Down Has Started
21. Bomb Is Our Future
22. Behind The Banners
23. No One Is Innocent
24. Is This What You Want
25. Meaning Of Life

November 1984 Recordings
26. World Is A Mess / Éga F_r Éga, Tand F_r Tand
27. Fuck The Bomb

September 1982 Recordings - From 1982 Demo Tape
28. Kungamord
29. Datastyrda Hj_rnor
30. H_ng Dom H_gt
31. Onkel Sam
32. Auschwitz II
33. SlÎ Tillbaka
34. What Shall We Do
35. Det Totala Slutet
36. Fascismen Ûr D_d