AGONISTA "Grey And Dry" - Deathwish Inc

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Armageddon Label


AGONISTA "Grey And Dry"

  • Agonista is a band made up of longtime friends, featuring current and ex-members of Bumbklaat, DFMK, Run For Your Fucking Life, Spanakorzo, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Swing Kids, Some Girls and many others. Their five song EP "Embusteros" was released in 2018, now they are ready to finally to unleash "Grey And Dry" for people to hear.

    Track Listing:
    01. Larvas
    02. Grey And Dry
    03. Abuse/Diffuse
    04. Eyes Of Despair
    05. Bazofia
    06. MMXXIII
    07. Medication
    08. In Haste
    09. Muertos
    10. Wrecked Inside
    11. MMXLIII