Life Of Reilly "Break The Silence" - Deathwish Inc

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Life Of Reilly "Break The Silence"


There are very few things that are straight forward in this world. Yes means no, no means yes, everything somehow means something else. Nothing can escape being scrutinized and analyzed one thousand times over. Life of Reilly leave no room for interpretation: they are a hardcore punk band akin to early USHC and thatÍs it. Their debut 7î, Break The Silence, shows the band playing authentic, unembellished music equal parts midwest and abrasive DC.

Track Listing:
01. Games
02. Getting By
03. Lost
04. Watch Me
05. Change
06. Insecurities
07. Our Time Is Now
08. Turn My Back
09. Slave To Society
10. The Life Of Reilly