Wolfbrigade “Anti-Tank Dogs” - Deathwish Inc

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Armageddon Label


Wolfbrigade “Anti-Tank Dogs”


Since their formation in 1995, then under the moniker Wolfpack, WOLFBRIGADE have become one of the most enduring - and influential - forces in the worldwide hardcore-punk scene. Particularly at the turn of the millennium, when the revamped moniker was invoked, WOLFBRIGADE have etched a unique sound that draws in the locomotive surge of D-beat with the crushing intensity of death metal; some would call it "crust," but the band evade easy categorization with every record they release. And seven albums in and more than two decades touring worldwide under the WOLFBRIGADE banner, the "Lycanthro Punks" show no signs of slowing down.

Track Listing:
01. Anti-Tank Dogs
02. Brain-Ruler
03. Necronomium