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Weyrd Son


Weird Candle "Regeneration"


"Regeneration" Weird Candles debut LP was made in frenzy of excitment begining with the tracks "Regeneration" and "Science". They had found their sound through months of co-producing and writing together, traditionaly with Blag begining with drum beats and lead synth, and katerwol on the bass synth and vocals. They drew inspiration from 80s industrial, and darkwave, as well as from playing with admired locals like //zoo, koban and animal bodies.

Katerwols lyrics are dark and abrasive, and are delivered through sharp rythmic bursts, rather than sung. He tells a story through his words, an intimate reveal of his own personal deaths and rebirths, ups and downs, it's a story of hardship, tragic love, and of ongoing mental turbulence in relation to the world around him.

​Track Listing: 
01. Introduction to Regeneration 
02. Real Life 
03. Year of the Dog 
04. Nature VS Nurture 
05. Psychic Controller 
06. Science 
07. Cheap Motel 
08. Silver Cord 
09. Computerman 
10. Night Freak 
11. Regeneration