Jagged Visions "Beyond The Serpents Touch" - Deathwish Inc

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Jagged Visions "Beyond The Serpents Touch"


The debut 7" from CT's JAGGED VISIONS will hit you like a mace during a medieval battle to the death . Heavy metalcore that is heavily influenced by the bands they grew up listening to; Integrity, All Out War, Overcast, Dissolve and Hatebreed. Metallic guitar crunch and screaming anguished vocals take you through 5 crushing tracks that seem to have themes centered around Norse and Old English mythology. Jagged Visions bring these tracks in such a 90's metalcore style that they could've easily been featured on the first East Coast Assault CD compilation.

Track Listing:
01. Dogs
02. Bloodcast
03. Crucible of Worlds
04. Amongst the Dead
05. Beyond the Serpent's Touch