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Time Pieces "Boundary Problems"

  • Time Pieces is made up of former members of Band of Horses, Minus the Bear & Six Parts Seven...and if you listen closely, you may hear tiny reminders of each of them throughout Boundary Problems. Allen Karpinski, Chris Early, Ian LeSage, Erin Tate and Tucker Handler got together to create this beautifully layered, largely instrumental album that weaves threads of shoegaze, post-rock, and late-90s Midwest indie into something of their own throughout the course of their debut full length.

    If you close your eyes and allow the music to transport you, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of a dreary, Midwestern winter. It's half-melted outside, too cold to leave your jacket at home but too warm to truly necessitate one. You've got your headphones on as you walk to your destination despite the blustery wind. You've got a lot on your mind, but you're keeping yourself busy with errands and this is the soundtrack to being alone...even if you're not lonely.

    Sure, this is definitely a supergroup of indie artists, but they have forged a terrific path that somehow resembles each of their respective bands while also finding a sound that is entirely unique and their own.

    Track Listing:
    01. Extra Strata
    02. Boundary Problems
    03. New Bruise/Black and Blue
    04. Separation Song
    05. Radiometric Dating
    06. 90's Guitar Music