The Promise "My True Love" - Deathwish Inc

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The Promise "My True Love"

The fantastic debut release from The Promise. Featuring ex-members of: Sante Sangre, Another Victim, Turmoil, One King Down, Earth Crisis, Starkweather, and Conviction, The Promise wrap their bloody knuckles around the war torn flag of Syracuse rooted straight edge. Taking up the moral and ethical fight where their brethren, Earth Crisis and Another Victim, once proudly stood tall.

Vinyl Pressing Information:

Test Press:
5 Small hole

First Press:
38 Transition White to Black vinyl (differs from Grey marble vinyl)
384 Grey marble vinyl
151 White vinyl
1508 Black vinyl

Second Press:
5 Blue vinyl w/ Euro tour labels
195 Clear w/ Euro tour labels (a lot of these had black speckles in them)