The Lungs "Psychic Tombs" - Deathwish Inc

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The Lungs "Psychic Tombs"


THE LUNGS have a mantra: “make it visceral,” and with their dynamic live performances and series of independently released EPs, this Los Angeles-based punk power trio has been doing just that since 2016. Driven by the daily hand-to-mouth grind that they and their fellow Angelenos endure, and fueled by the macro volatilities that sparked the anger of so many Americans, The Lungs express their discontent with a surge of infectious post-hardcore dynamism.

Track Listing: 
01. Wrong Window 
02. Jesus Rose in a Pale Hearse 
03. Cross Cult 
04. Vizitant 
05. Hidden Hand 
06. The Lizard Anthem 
07. Tetraphobia 
08. CuCo 
09. Winters 
10. Pyschic Tombs 
11. Fugue State