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Sabertooth Zombie "Mere Bears: The Riot Cops Bathed On Zion"


"Mere Bears: The Riot Cops Bathed On Zion" is a digpak CD that features Sabertooth ZombieÍs previous two EPs on one disk. "Danceî and ñThe Prisonerî have been reformatted with new artwork and a track listing. DonÍt miss out on Sabertooth ZombieÍs weirdest material; youÍll regret it.

Track Listing: 
01. The Prisoner
02. Crooked Divinity
03. Panacea
04. The Traveling Carnival
05. Mr. Suit
06. Hyber Nation
07. Rock And Roll Friends
08. Of Fear And Peace
09. Glad Handed
10. The Bride
11. Dance
12. House Of The Rising Sun