Supercrush "I've Been Around" - Deathwish Inc

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Supercrush "I've Been Around"


At long last Supercrush is finally back with Supersingle #3. Luckily, the wait has been worth it and the reward is two more hummable ear-worms that will refuse to leave your head. The A side, "I’ve Been Around," is two minutes of uptempo summertime guitar-pop perfection, full of stacked vocal harmonies, rock ’n’ roll flourishes, and just a touch of fuzz when it really counts - quite possibly the ‘Crush’s catchiest tune yet. Side B, on the other hand, finds the group exploring somewhat more bittersweet territory with the song "Brutal Honesty." While equally as melodic as the A side, "Brutal Honesty" takes the energy down a notch in order to evoke a more forlorn set of emotions, landing on the the cliche, but inescapably accurate truism: “life’s not fair”. Not exactly a “feel good” song, and yet, it strikes that irresistible chord of melancholy that aches so pleasantly.

Track Listing: 
01. I've Been Around
02. Brutal Honesty