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Stricken for Catherine "On The Dark"


Before Garrison, Her Head's on Fire, I Hate Our Freedom, and Gay for Johnny Depp, Worcester, MA native Joseph Grillo (aka Sid Jagger) cut his teeth in Stricken For Catherine. The band began in 1994 in New Hampshire's sea coast, an area mostly known for more hippie jam bands. Combining elements of art rock akin to Rodan and Slint, as well as the weightier hard rock of Soundgarden, they created a unique post hardcore emo blend, known for calculated riffs, odd time signatures, dueling vocals and epically long songs. The band’s debut LP “On The Dark” was released in 1996 containing 5 songs of longer, more diverse and adventurous compositions. Stricken For Catherine later relocated to nearby Boston and continued to refine their sound. The band gained notoriety playing with regional emerging underground acts like Cave In, Piebald, Bane, and national touring artists like Thurston Moore, Hot Water Music, Shipping News and Grade.

Track Listing:
01. Tick
02. Stitches
03. SlackJaw
04. The Passing
05. Nameless