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Stepping Stone "Escape From The Junkyard"


Hailing from the small Canadian city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Stepping Stone was born with the sole intention of rocking. Out of this desire, they self-released their demo and hit the ground running; they had no other option. After their first tour of Western Canada, they released their debut EP “Test of Character” on Hard Loss Records, which opened many doors for the group, including tours throughout the Canadian provinces and many US states. After nearly two years of heavy touring, they decided it was time to release more music and began working on their crushing sophomore EP “Unreal Form”, which landed them bigger tours and a several hardcore festival appearances in the US and Canada, including LDB Fest, Flyover Fest, Snow & Flurry Fest, Wild Rose Hardcore Fest, and a number of others. Stepping Stone has continued to carve out their following in recent years, touring with the likes of Low End, Piece of Mind, and Dare and by playing sold out shows with Knocked Loose and Indecision. Showing no intentions of taking their foot off the pedal any time soon, the band have kicked things into high gear by releasing their masterpiece “Escape From The Junkyard”. Their debut LP on Safe Inside Records, features an A Side of new music and the first ever vinyl release of “Unreal Form” on the B Side. In a display of originality and focus, the band combines the fury of bands such as Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, and Down To Nothing, with the style and attitude of Headbangers Ball, showcasing their fully realized brand of Queen City Hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Escape The Junkyard
03. Driver 2001
04. Ultimate
05. Soul Division
06. Mind Astray
07. Slip 2 The Crypt
08. Unreal Form
09. Fortified Realm
10. Dead Mans Hand
11. Driver 2000

First Press:
100 x Splatter Vinyl
150 x Solid Purple Vinyl
250 x Galaxy Vinyl