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Spitfire “Cult Fiction”


The band that quietly influenced an entire generation of chaotic metallic hardcore - Spitfire - saw their final album released in April of 2008 and is finally seeing the vinyl version pressed 14 years posthumously. Cult Fiction (potentially a subtle reference to vocalist Jon Spencer's previous work on Scarlet's "Cult Classic") is an exercise in extremity both in terms of the mathematical churning of the riffs as well as the disparity between the madness and the soft, mechanical interludes interspersed throughout the album. Cult Fiction was ultimately the band's swan song, with members going on to join Norma Jean & Mae and leaving in their wake a newly reformed Scarlet as well. They certainly went out with a bang, and we are excited to re-introduce the album on a new format all these years later!

Track Listing:
01. Arrhythmia Drift
02. Chemo Therapist
03. Segue 1
04. Crossed
05. Mother Earth In Labor
06. Dawn Patrol
07. The Animal Kingdom of Heaven's Gate
08. Track Marxist
09. Brain Debris
10. Pro-Life
11. Meth Monster
12. Meat Maker
13. Segue 2
14. In Vitro
15. End