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Foreseen "Helsinki Savagery"


After a few EPs, including 2013's well-received Structural Oppression 7-inch, Finland's Foreseen HKI now break out in the international metal scene with their first LP. An explosive burst of raw crossover, Helsinki Savagery fuses the 1980s iterations of US thrash (Vio-lence, Exodus) and urban hardcore (Cro-Mags, Leeway) to create a merciless album of absolute jawbreakers. A distinctly Finnish rawness and hostility„a hallmark of the countryÍs incredible hardcore punk bands since the early Í80s„pervades the LP.

Bringing back a concrete toughness to thrash that's been largely missing for years, on Helsinki Savagery Foreseen HKI take their place among the elite of modern crossover bands. Tracks like "Death Injection," "Bonded by United Blood" and "Both Sides Lose" are infused with a lethal urgency and unrestrained devotion to crafting ideal songs for wild, anarchic live shows. Helsinki Savagery documents a band in its hungry, formative prime where the extreme aggression of many classic debut albums is captured with terrible certainty. With high speeds and fierce leads that shred, United Forces are back from the dead.

Track Listing: 
01. Slam Savagery
02. Death Injection
03. The Prowler
04. Market Target
05. Bonded By United Blood
06. Interlude
07. Structural Oppression
08. Delusion Of No Consequence
09. Both Sides Lose
10. Paving The Way