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Spirits / Die Faster "Split"


Boston straight edge hardcore quintet SPIRITS team up with Virginia Beach home town heros DIE FASTER for a limited split 7 inch. SPIRITS (x Test of Time / Offsides) bust out a few new tracks of powerful melodic hardcore in vein of BATTERY and GO IT ALONE along with a cover song. DIE FASTER (x Ammunition / Endeavor) play thrashy no frills fast hardcore for fans of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and TEAR IT UP.

This 7 inch is limited to 500 copies and come in very unique origami hand made packaging. This will not be repressed.
This version is limited to 300 copies with this cover.

Track Listing:
01. SPIRITS - Cracks in our Unity
02. SPIRITS - Shelf Life
03. SPIRITS - Blizzard of 2015
04. SPIRITS - Salvation (Originally by The Cranberrys)
05. DIE FASTER - Banner Bearer
06. DIE FASTER - Breaking News
07. DIE FASTER - Myself