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Goldust "Thirst"


For over 7 years GOLDUST haunts the seedy places that lie between hardcore, punk and metal and with their 3rd full-length "thirst" the band reaches a definite peak of their rich and uncompromising discography. Their unforgiving sound maintains deeply rooted in hardcore's aggressiveness, yet the five-piece perfected the inclusion of various other influences that range from bleak and nihilistic black-metal to the ugly swamps of sludge with its violent, uncontrollable noise attacks. According to the band, "thirst" is the product of quite difficult times on personal and band-wise levels, thus being without a doubt GOLDUSTs most intimate and important output to date.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Only Love Can Win
02. Atonement
03. T.D.B.D.
04. Die Hand Die Verletzt
05. Begreift
06. Vile Velvet
07. World Without White
08. Thod | Disdain
09. Decadence
10. Tamara
11. Dark Blood
12. Etherea