Legs Up / My War "Split" - Deathwish Inc

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Legs Up / My War "Split"


LEGS UP brings their brand of abrasive, urgent and energetic hardcore punk blended with a touch of rock'n'roll. Pouding beats and melodic guitar lines meet with a set of vicious vocals and wailing quick witted lyrics. From Richmond, Virginia My War bring you their own abusive array of tracks. With crunching guitars, blast beat breakdowns and a voice that shreds through furious lyrical content; My War contributes an unstoppable set of songs, which are heavy and hypnotic. With many of Black Flag's no nonsense mentalities such as intense live shows, powerfully insistent riffs, powerful lyrics, and an honest approach not often found in a scene that is increasingly commercial.FOR FANS OF: THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, SEX POSITIONS and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.