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Great Reversals "Mere Mortals"


After an impressive discography of EPs and splits, Great Reversals unleashes their debut LP. Spanning 11 songs in total, "Mere Mortals" channels '90s heavyweights like Trial, Integrity and Harvest while infusing occasional moments of post-rock flair. Lyrically, the record is a reflection on the often desperate and heartbreaking state of the human condition, as seen through the lenses of friends, family and acquaintances. Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson and mastered by Brad Boatright, the weight of the record's subject matter is surpassed only by its crushing production, resulting in a jarring and colossal listen. Features guest vocals by Greg Bennick from Trial.

Track Listing: 
01. Capsized 
02. Mouths to Feed 
03. Swallowing Sand 
04. Take this Life 
05. Dead of Winter 
06. The Stairwell 
07. Colosseum 
08. Gutted 
09. Preparing the Way 
10. Collapse 
11. Other Worldly