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Single Mothers "Through A Wall"


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Southern Ontario post-hardcore heavyweights Single Mothers return today with the surprise release of their ferocious new album, Through A Wall, on Dine Alone Records & Big Scary Monsters. 

"On ‘Through A Wall’ I tried to blend my sense of dark humour with the reality of what I see when I look around me," says frontman Drew Thomson. "In a way it made the songs sad and funny and hopefully interesting - but not super ‘jokey’. While so much dark shit is happening every day and in this era, I understand the influx of positivity in music and how that is important. Whenever I try to write a positive song though, it almost always sounds fake and contrived. Sometimes you gotta face what’s happening and just laugh at it, or at least roll your eyes until it’s over. That’s about as close to ‘positive’ as I get.”

Track Listing: 
01. Marathon 
02. 24/7 
03. Dog Parks 
04. Switch Off 
05. Catch & Release 
06. Engine 
07. Stoic/Pointless 
08. Web 
09. Across The Couch 
10. Big Scar 
11. - 
12. Tan Line (Like Passing Through A Wall) 
13. Signs 
14. Evidence Locker 

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