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Six Feet Under


Letdown "We're In This Alone"


"We're In This Alone" is Let Down's long-awaited (by someone, hopefully) LP taking aim at the world around them, in and out of hardcore. Hoping to avoid becoming yet another hardcore band with a couple of decent 7 inches and one big stinker of an LP, Let Down has refined their approach by taking influence from all eras of straight edge hardcore, from SSD to Count Me Out, and dropping 11 vicious tracks that don't let up. Instead of dragging on and on, the LP was written to be over before you know it, leaving you vaguely disoriented and feeling like you were just violated with a blunt object. The title is the band's mission statement in today's hardcore scene, forever viewing themselves as one of the last gasps of straight edge hardcore. Accept them as they are or get out of the way.

Track Listing: 
01. Next In Line 
02. I Don't Care 
03. Not The Same 
04. Problems 
05. Never Again 
06. Deal With It 
07. Repeat 
08. Apologies 
09. Different Views 
10. We're In This Alone 
11. Forced