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Six Feet Under


True Colors "Focus On The Light"


Originally released in 2008 on both Powered Records and Six Feet Under, "Focus On The Light" was the first full length for Belgium's TRUE COLORS. It is now considered a classic of European hardcore as well as one of the all around great straight forward, straight edge records of the modern era. Another full length and three more eps followed before they officially disbanded in 2010 (and unofficially play here and there), but most still consider this their crowning achievement. SFU is happy to bring FOCUS ON THE LIGHT back into press for a new generation of hardcore kids the world over.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Coming Through
02. For What It's Worth
03. Enough
04. Focus On The Light
05. Strong Minds
06. Behind You
07. The Way To Myself
08. The Forgotten Dreams
09. In Control
10. Walk The Line
11. The Smell, The Attitude
12. Always Remember
13. One Chance
14. Count Of Me