Servant "Two" - Deathwish Inc

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Self Released


Servant "Two"


"After playing for bands Shai Hulud and Hollow Earth and touring with bands like Earth Crisis, Old Wounds, and Axis; I said to myself ""hey, I can do that."" So I did. Hi, I'm Tom Colello, you may remember seeing me fall down on stage or accidentally spitting on you while screaming. You may also remember me from being in the band you didn't come to see so you decided to leave and go get Taco Bell.

I wrote a few songs, recorded them myself, sent them to an actual professional to master them (Brad Boatright at Audiosiege), and paid to have them pressed. I silkscreened the artwork myself and hand numbered them.

I'm just like you, a punk who is trying to leave shows to go eat Taco Bell instead of watching bands at a show I got guest listed for. Try to not be an idiot for once and buy this 7""."

Track Listing:
01. Unbridled Earth
02. Son Of Civilization
03. From The Dark