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Southern Lord


Sect "No Cure For Death"

North American straightedge/vegan hardcore/crust outfit Sect -- featuring scene lifers hailing from Cursed, Left For Dead, Catharsis, Undying, Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance, Day Of Suffering, Racetraitor, and more -- has issued the devastating "Open Grave," the lead track their impending second album,  No Cure For Death. The new song is now playing at Exclaim! Magazine as the LP nears November release through Southern Lord.

No Cure For Death was recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Sect vocalist Chris Colohan explains that the new "Open Grave" single is, "a song about how we got to this point in history, how detached from consequence and oblivious to the removal of our most basic mental if not social, political or ecological safety nets we had to become to allow for the assault on reality we're living out now to succeed. How the bar for what's acceptable and what's normalized just drops in free fall while we're zoned out by the endless barrage of trivial amusements, and the fatal implications of that caliber of apathy not just for the West but civilization across the board.

Track Listing: 
01. Open Grave 
02. Day For Night
03. Crocodile Prayers
04. Reality's Wake
05. Stripes
06. Liberal Arts
07. Born Razed
08. Transaction
09. Least Resistance
10. Avoidance Ritual