Raw Justice "Artificial Peace" - Deathwish Inc

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Raw Justice "Artificial Peace"


RAW JUSTICE from Nantes, western France, are back with a new 8 track 7" called "Artificial Peace". RJ features ex and current members of Harm Done, No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, they formed in the fall of 2012 they recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch).

Track Listing: 
01.Pagan Stomp
02.Useful Pride
03.Mad At This World
04.Empty Shelves
05.Artificial Peace
06.Get Old
07.Loud & Proud
08.Daily Grind