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Rough Francis


Rough Francis "Urgent Care"


 Rough Francis is a Vermont punk band founded by three brothers; Bobby, Julian and Urian Hackney. They started out as a tribute band to their father and uncle’s Proto-Punk band DEATH before anyone heard their music. Rough Francis was the nick-name of their uncle David who was the songwriter and visionary for the band DEATH. The Hackney family story quickly made its way in the spotlight and immediately blasted into orbit. After a few tribute shows, Rough Francis decided to create their own sound and channel influences from their progenitors and the hardcore scene they grew up in.

Urgent Care is the third official release by Rough Francis, it also marks their 10 year anniversary as a band. Urgent Care is a headfirst dive into their deep musical roots steeped in 80’s hardcore, 70’s Proto-Punk and a touch Mowtown. Recorded in 2 days by engineer and Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou, this record pushed Rough Francis musically, and solidifies their place in the underground scene. Urgent Care, clocking in just over 25 minutes, takes you through the evolution of the band’s career. Lyrically, Bobby touches on experiences of growing up in Vermont as well as social and environmental issues that echo what’s happening today.

Track Listing:
01. Teen Zombies
02. Urgent Care
03. Giving Up
04. Waxed Curb
05. Tito’s Revenge
06. Deathwire
07. Crow
08. Microwaving