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Rough Francis


Rough Francis "MSP3: Counter Attack"


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Rough Francis is a punk rooted band from Burlington, Vermont. The band is the creation of the Hackney brothers; Bobby Jr., Julian, and Urian, along with friends Paul Comegno and Dan Davine. Originally formed to pay tribute to their father and uncles' proto-punk band Death. A band who's public profile was heightened with the 2012 documentary "A Band Called Death" by Jeff Howlett and Mark Covino.

After a few tribute shows to the original Death, the group then stepped out of that shadow and began to write and record their own powerful music. Since 2013, Rough Francis have released two albums and an EP of infectious music. Encapsulating the energy of 60's Garage rock, Motown, and classic hardcore punk.

Track Listing: 
01. Big Box Law Enforcement 
02. Geese 
03. Good Person 
04. Walk On By 
05. Retrosexual 
06. Meth Mouth 
07. Earthquake 
08. Procession 1