Wrong "Stop Giving" - Deathwish Inc

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Robotic Empire


Wrong "Stop Giving"


Miami, Florida's WRONG formed from the ashes of CAPSULE and debut with an absolutely pummelling four-track EP titled "Stop Giving".

With an emphasis on bludgeon and groove, it's hard not to compare their first recordings to heyday-era HELMET. But WRONG brings their own dissonance, atmosphere and attitude in a massive combination of power and skill. This is truly an impressive first effort, and preludes a full-length due on Robotic Empire later this year.

The "Stop Giving" EP vinyl plays at 45rpm, is limited to 300 copies, comes in silk screened packaging with artwork by TORCHE's Rick Smith and printed at Seattle's Broken Press. Includes a high quality digital download.

Track Listing:
01. Stop Giving
02. Call It
03. Tenure
04. Downgrade