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Church Road


Rile "Pessimist"

RILE is a powerful and uncompromising hardcore band hailing from Salt Lake City. The band quickly garnered attention with their explosive live performances and a unique sound that effortlessly blends elements of hardcore punk and metal.

The band's lineup features members from the renowned group Cult Leader, bringing a wealth of experience and a collective passion for creating music that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. With their debut album, ‘Pessimist’, set to release on October 27th via Church Road Records, RILE is poised to make a resounding impact on the music world.

Pessimist is a cathartic journey through the depths of human emotion, delving into themes of inner turmoil, existential struggles, and the darker aspects of the human psyche. From start to finish, the album showcases RILE's exceptional musicianship and their ability to craft songs that are both haunting and sonically crushing.

Drawing influences from bands like Converge and Trap Them, Pessimist delivers a relentless onslaught of churning riffs, blistering drums, and gut-wrenching vocals. The band's tight-knit chemistry and artistic cohesion shine through on tracks like lead single ‘Climb Out’, where they seamlessly weave together melody and aggression to create an unforgettable sonic experience.

With their heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics, RILE lays bare their vulnerabilities and fears, inviting listeners to confront their own inner demons. The album's dynamic production enhances the intensity of each track, immersing the audience in a maelstrom of sound that leaves a lasting impact.

Track Listing:
01. Dead End
02. Climb Out
03. Hidden From Light
04. Stone Tapes
05. Half Love
06. Pessimist