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Adventures "Supersonic Home"


Supersonic Home, the anticipated debut LP from PittsburghÍs resident musical wunderkinds Adventures, is an ambitious blend of powerhouse influences: these ten songs reimagine of the best parts of 90Ís alt-rock and emo and infuse them with the cathartic energy of punk. However, Adventures delivers much more than just the sum of these parts. Throughout upbeat anthems like opener ñDream Blue Hazeî and pensive, melancholic retreats like ñTension and ñLong Hair,î the constant vocal tandem of Reba Meyers and Kimi Hanauer radiates above every infectious poprock riffs and the warm, rhythmic backbone of bass and keyboard. No matter what draws you in to listen to Adventures, there is something undeniably relatable in these songs about honestly dealing with self-doubt, troubled hearts, and the everyday struggle to feel content that will make you keep coming back to Supersonic Home.

Track Listing:  
01. Dream Blue Haze
02. Heavenly
03. Your Sweetness
04. My Marble Hole
05. Pure
06. Absolution, Worth Requited
07. Walk You to Bed
08. Tension
09. Long Hair
10. Supersonic Home