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Makthaverskan "II"

Gothenburg, Sweden's Makthaverskan layer aspects of noise, jangle and dream pop on a foundation of rambling, garage-punk energy. Distorted, uptempo riffs ebb and flow with laid back, atmospheric post punk throughout the tracks that make up the band's sophomore LP "II." Sonic bursts of anthemic pop are accentuated and brought to life by front-woman Maja MilnerÍs sharp and soaring delivery, cutting through layers of reverb to air out her dirty laundry. "Fuck you for fucking me when I was seventeen," Maja howls on the climactic track, "No Mercy," cursing the lover who shattered her youth. "You never loved me / You wanted to own me / Your time will come, my friend."

Track Listing: 
01. Antabus
02. Asleep
03. Slowly Sinking
04. Something More
05. Outshine
06. Dr_mland
07. No Mercy
08. Distance
09. Volga