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Rejection Pact "Threats Of The World"


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Rejection Pact is a hardcore band based out of Boise, Idaho, who formed in the fall of 2017 and recorded their self-released demo tape that winter. Their sound is a mixture of youth crew and mid-2000s hardcore in the vein of Battery, Go It Alone, Down to Nothing, and Dag Nasty.

The group played their first show in January 2018 and have continually played shows throughout Idaho, as well as a Pacific Northwest run playing in Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver B.C. They have played with acts such as Cro-Mags, Power Trip, Piece of Mind, Vatican, Lurk, and Pennywise.

Rejection Pact plan to continue to play many regional shows in the snowy expanse of their native Pacific Northwest and will be journeying to new areas on the west coast in the spring to support their upcoming release, “Threats of the World”, coming out on Safe Inside Records in early 2019. This group will continue to carve a name out for themselves 2019 and beyond and are sure to become an unstoppable force and voice for their area.

Track Listing: 
01. Cartridge Family
02. Shovels
03. We Will Never Forgive You
04. Caged
05. Nothing Man
06. Sorry People
07. Threats of the World
08. Echo Chamber
09. Poison Pushers
10. We All Lose