Pulling Teeth "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" - Deathwish Inc

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Pulling Teeth "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions"

Recorded and engineered by Chris Camden at Ultrasound over a three month period, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is a conceptual piece from Pulling Teeth. Songs like "Unsatisfied" dig deep to reveal monstrous dirges that rival any doom metal artist. While the Slayer influenced "Bloodwolves" is as volatile as a song can be. Though the aforementioned songs are great, it is Pulling Teeth's new found mastery of emotional ebb and flow which shines as their strength. This quality is revealed in the two title tracks, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions". An example of how a band can evolve without abandoning the heart and raw energy that defines the "hardcore/punk" genre at its very core.

Track Listing:
01. Ritual
02. Unsatisfied
03. Bloodwolves
04. Paranoid Delusions
05. Paradise Illusions