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Pulling Teeth "Martyr Immortal"

Pulling Teeth were a metallic hardcore band from Baltimore, MD. "Martyr Immortal" is a 12 song album that conjure the ghosts of classic bands Integrity and Left For Dead all the while adding their own unique spin on the genre. The band also paid homage to these influences by having Jeff Beckman (Left For Dead) create the artwork for the release, while Integrity vocalist/lyricist Dwid Hellion contributed musically to the release. To add even more to their list of A-level contributors, longtime friend and Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull was brought in to master the album. 

Track Listing:
01. With Avarice
02. Dead Is Dead
03. Clipped Wings
04. Stonethrowers
05. Shiteaters
06. Sick And Tired
07. Rains
08. Basically Dead
09. Martyr Immortal
10. (Mori Vincent Omnes)
11. Black Skies
12. Ashes And Dust
13. Dismissed In Time