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No Omega "Occupants"


Following their highly regarded ñShame" LP from 2013, No Omega have continued their evolution, this time bringing us the powerful ñOccupants.î Picking up with their refreshing take on melodic, but harsh and driving hardcore, you will feel the urgency of these songs right from the starting notes. There is also an overlaying haze bringing out the space and ambiance of the room it was recorded in, and despite the bombastic energy of the songs, this allows a gloomy side to shine through as well. If ever a hardcore record could capture the feeling of hopelessness; nowhere to go with the inevitable end impending, Occupants definitely takes on the challenge of that achievement. Beautifully presented on color vinyl with an etched B-side, and printed inner-sleeves, all adorned with artwork by Jonas Holmberg. A must for fans of Touche Amore, Birds In Row, Totem Skin, Killing The Dream.

A split-label release with Dog Knights Productions (UK)

Track Listing: 
01. Passing
02. Staying
03. Man/Monster
04. Takers
05. Comfort