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Alarms & Controls / Secret Smoker "Split"


Two bands approach the variety of the "DC sound" here, one by having been a big part of it, the other by having been inspired by it. Alarms & Controls hail from Maryland, and feature members of such DC area legends as Circus Lupus, 1.6 Band, Monorchid and Crownhate Ruin. They bring post-punk in a creative direction on these songs, exploring funk and rock as well. Secret Smoker, from Baton Rouge, have two new songs here which follow their very well-regarded debut LP. Continuing their brand of emotional hardcore, like influences such as 400 Years, Hoover, Sleepytime Trio, they carve out melody with urgency and passion. Each record comes with a digital download, on gold vinyl.

Track Listing: Β 
01. Mama's Sweet Ride
02. Flood Plane
03. Every Moment All At Once
04. Sun Eaters