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Porcupine "The Sibyl"


Porcupine’s relentless effort to create comes to a head on “The Sybil”.

Since the band’s inception in 2017 they have shown that there is no lack of willingness to grow as an artist, even if that means simultaneously defining who they are as a band and then smashing it to bits. This seems to be the nature of the band as they continue to navigate their brand of noisy and abrasive hardcore all while not squarely fitting into the genre itself. Over the years the band has continued to hone in on their craft through a series of demos, split releases and EPs (mostly self recorded) and create a name for themselves with their chaotic and cathartic live shows. “The Sybil”, a 6 song EP even featuring some re-worked past songs, acts as the new high of the band’s efforts.

“The Sybil” offers up Porcupine’s brand of abrasive, fast and dark sound while also seeing the band lean into their slower and more dramatic side (ala recent covers of Swans and Suicide). “The Sibyl” is a sign of growth for the band. Notable in everything from the unguarded lyrics, eerie sound clips, signature screams and disorderly guitar.

Stay free.

Track Listing:
01. Pederasty
02. Repent
03. Funeral Grief
04. Beyond the Pale
05. Unauthorized
06. Kingdom of Heaven