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Get High "Demos 1996-1997"

The most unsolicited re-release in Boston Hardcore history. The term ñunderratedî came into the modern lexicon due in part to the hype that was never once inspired by GET HIGH. But letÍs put it into contextƒat a time in the late 90s when Boston and hardcore in general was either jamming youth crew revisited, burly mosh or screechy arithmetic-core, GET HIGH came out with a raging demo of Swiz/Soulside/Shawn Brown-era Dag nasty-core with AF drumming and Ginn-inspired guitar playing. Central Massachusetts spawned, this record owes more to the extremely high amount of plastic in the waters of the Twin Cities than all of the aforementioned influences combined. But, with members of Fit For Abuse, Opposition, Dive, Dropkick Murphys, Hatchetface/Bound and many others since then, what else were you expecting?

Contains their 5-song 1996 demo tape plus two outtakes from that session, and three unreleased 1997 tracks intended for a never-realized split 7" with Close Call. Limited to 289 copies on 180g vinyl, housed in a screen printed sleeve with poster insert.

Track Listing: 
01. Mayinga
02. Until The Last Day
03. Horror Stories
04. Pandemonium
05. Empire
06. Magnetized
07. Everyday Girls
08. Went Wrong
09. Die To The Root
10. Multiple Hits
11. Free Radicals