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Nuclear Age "The Distinct Sounds Of..."

It was a cold April night the first time I saw Nuclear Age. These Washingtonians took the stage with such intensity, such fire that I fell to my knees in excitement. The Distinct Sound of Nuclear Age can only be surmised as Youth encapsulated on vinyl. The fear, frustration and fury can be felt but the overall message that these 5 want you to dig is this: Hope.

Nuclear Age sells hope in a hopeless time. You may look at yourself in the mirror and see only the devil. Look closer. Nuclear Age demands you see hope. See. Hear. Look. Listen. And when, for those lucky few, you experience the band live you will also realize that Nuclear Age demands your soul.

Track Listing:
01. Look Around
02. What You See
03. Power of Youth
04. Nuclear Age
05. Identity
06. Fight Back and Win