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TS and The Past Haunts "Gone and Goner"

No Sleep Records is proud to announce the release of Gone And Goner, the first full-length album from TS & THE PAST HAUNTS spearheaded by PIEBALD's own Travis Shettel. During the first week of March 2010, TS and the husband and wife rhythm section of Ben and Heather Heywood trekked up to Sacramento to track what they presumed was going to be the origins of a new album. With Robert Creek at the board, the album was tracked almost entirely live in a five-day span (only keys, percussion and vocals were overdubbed). There was not a single guitar overdub throughout the entire album, which TS himself has claimed had never happened in his entire recording history (while there is a backwards guitar during the solo of ñJanice Hayes,î it was flown in from a different take). The band's live performance gives the album an energy that doesn't normally see its way onto conventional studio albums rendering Gone And Goner as one of the best live performances in the long player form.

Themes spread thick throughout Gone And Goner including the eccentricity of jury duty, bus rides in the wee hours of the morning, living life to the fullest (as well as doing the opposite), and last but not least, unquenchable lust, all of which renders Gone And Goner a complete smasher. What we have here are ten songs of ruinous energy with harmonious overtones. One could reminisce about the past; how TS was the front man of PIEBALD, how THE DUKE SPIRIT served as the catalyst for TS to get the band off the ground, or how Ben and TS met working at a Vietnamese restaurant in LA... but the past is null and void at this point. So, to a future of PAST HAUNTS, we propose a toast. Turn up the stereo and raise those glasses high.

Track Listing: 
1. East Jesus
2. Janice Haynes
3. Let's Be Lazy
4. Circumstance
5. Unknown
6. The 33
7. Heaven In Your Hair
8. All I Can Tell You
9. Patience Is Just Waiting
10. Citrus Mistress